Week One. Ups and downs

Well it was a week that ended on a wonderful high. With beautiful weather, lovely views and a bit of cross country running to mix things up. There were deer, ruins and rocks.

We took a trip up to Bradgate Park for a run with the dog. And it was worth it. The run was slower than expected and saving the main part of the climb for the last quarter mile probably wasn’t the cleverest.

The views were beautiful though.

And we saw deer roaming around too. Awesome.

Saturday was long ride, well week one’s hour ride. Volcano Climb on Zwift. Was good fun as it was smashing it down outside. It also seems that my bike fitness is coming back as I was able to hold a much higher power number for heart rate so very pleased.

So what about the rest of the week?

Well. I had some knee issues with a return of my IT band giving me grief. Plenty of stretching seems to help. But after Tuesday’s run it seemed I was done in so I might have. Accidentally skipped Wednesday… Boo.

On the plus side coming to terms that leaving exercise to the afternoon isn’t going to work. Getting home late, cold and dark is not a good motivator.

By design all exercise has now been moved to first thing in the morning.

Thursday was our first foray in the morning. Cycling for 30 followed by a swim (600m of spluttering / slow breast stroke). Friday’s run was tough but battled through. Couldn’t keep the heart rate down. I think something to do with dehydration in the morning…

On to week 2 and it’s rest day. Next post. What’s coming up this week…

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