Week 12. Training is fun?!

Hey up! Another week down: You’ll easily be able to spot a couple of glaring issues… The red / amber of the swim. Swimming. Swim, swim, swim. Yeah, still not a strong point. Lessons are definitely in order once I’ve moved over to Poland (Only a few weeks to go!). I’m looking forward to the […]


Week what?

So it’s been a while. Quite a while. I’ve been suffering with a continuation of my IT band issues. The thing won’t go away. I’ve tried resting (zero exercise) and it felt better. It wasn’t. I’ve stretched. I’ve strengthened. No joy. As such here’s a llama. Or Alpaca. I can never remember which. On the […]


Week 6 (and 5) and back to Week 1

So. Let’s talk knees. No let’s not. I’m suffering with an ITB issue right now. Walking, running, swimming and cycling set it off. I’ve tried resting. Tried stretching (though I’m not very consistent). I’ve tried foam rolling. None working yet. Not being able to swim, cycle or run is a bit of a challenge with […]