Hi, I’m Liam. I was addicted to meat. Put a platter of meat in front of me and I’d happily eat the whole thing. No worries. Seconds? Of course. Thirds? Why not?

I’d even gone so far in proclaiming one of my proudest moments to be converting my then girlfriend, now wife, to become a carnivore after years as a vegetarian. Ouch.

After a significant amount of meat eating I went vegetarian back in September 2017, with now a solid focus on being plant based (a dreaded Vegan but not the preachy type).

I’ve been committed to doing a half ironman (1.9km swim, 90km ride followed by a half marathon 21.1km).  I was signed up for the Ocean Lava Half Iron triathlon in Bydgoszcz. Just the same place and time as the Polish National Championship on the full course. Not intimidating at all..

I’ve decided to chart my progress in writing. Mainly to look back on and keep track for posterity, to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s going to be part fitness blog, part food diary and mostly babble.

Thanks for stopping by!