IT Band Issues

So. Back in August. In a desperate bid to lose a few extra kgs ahead of our wedding we went on a running spree. On the 5th day in a row I felt a twinge on the outside of my right knee. Carried on anyway. What a trooper.

The next day I woke up and couldn’t move my knee without tear jerking pain. At all. This was not good. Our wedding in Poland was in the mountains. There’d be dancing and hopefully dancing and no doubt dancing. Oh and climbing some hills.

So I rested thinking it’d just get better. It didn’t. Anyway. Some decent anti inflammatory drugs (and no end of vodka) kept the worst of the pain away during the wedding. I was dancing and all. Not so good the next day. Or the next. Or the next.

What’s the next thing to do. Of course. Climb a mountain in full wedding suit.

With IT band issues. Not. Your. Best. Move. Liam.

After eventually climbing down swearing, crying and being a big baby. Finishing the holiday with my knee strapped up we headed home and straight to the physio.

He decided it was either IT Band or Cartilage. Fingers crossed for the former yeah. Scans followed and a severely inflamed IT Band coupled with a cyst was the diagnosis. Injections here we come. Not fun not nice. Caused me to say out loud:

Ooh you blighter

A few weeks rest and then I could start again. It was in this time that I decided that a half ironman was clearly the way to bounce back. Easing in. Yeah?

Anyway. This weekend saw my long run give an uprising to this again and it reminded me I really should stretch more. It also means I can’t use it as a half baked excise to miss a session… In week one. Lazy bugger.

Anyway I really liked this session:

It’s really helped take away the symptoms and mean I can still train. No excuses. Ish.

I’m still worried it’ll properly go again but I’m hopeful it won’t. With a bit more focus on stretch and strength it should be ok.

Ramble over.

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