Working in Poland… The tests

So having secured a job you’d think it’d be as easy as rocking up and, well, starting. It’s clearly not so. You need to be thoroughly tested before you can even think about starting. A little bit of a surprise. It’s all fairly straight forward and easy enough to get sorted. Once you’ve got your letter from your employer, you sort of rock up wherever you need to go and wait for an available slot.

board chalk chalkboard exam
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There’s a heap of things to go through, I didn’t know about. So if you’re moving to a company in Poland you can expect to go through the following (based of my experience so far) in terms of medical tests ahead of being able to start working here in Poland:

  1. Referral from employer to an occupational health doctor who decides what tests you’ll need to go through.
  2. Blood tests, a full blood work, usually turns around in less than a day (what a comparison to the UK where I’ve waited up to a week!). The results of which will no doubt be another post in it’s own right!
  3. Eye tests, to see if you can see.
  4. Psychological testing (this one I was particularly unprepared for!). As I’m going to be driving with the new job it’s an important one. I was half expecting to have to go through a quick test, something like “do you ever want to kill people when driving” – “no”, good you’re fine. On you go. This was definitely not the case. It included:
    1. Psychometric, a lovely 116 question questionnaire. I’m balanced by the way..
    2. Concentration test, basically a big board of numbers and you have to write down the numbers in a specific order.
    3. Reaction test. Lights on a board, press the button as it lights up
    4. Reaction test. Press a button for one light, a pedal for another.
    5. Low light vision test, getting shut in a dark cupboard for 5 minutes and then getting shown a very dim clock.
    6. Low light vision test, same cupboard, this time, bright light in your face, then having to see a low light shape.
    7. IQ test, logical / inductive reasoning test. What’s the missing piece of the puzzle test.
  5. Overall fitness, weight, blood pressure etc.

The Psychometric one was very much a new experience. Full on statistical charts, rulers and everything. Quite scary but luckily the doctor was lovely (despite having to communicate via Gabby being as that I don’t speak Polish…).

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