It’s been a while…

Well, it’s been a little while since the last post. Way too long. I’ll try and do a short summary of what’s been going on at PBRF temporary HQ!

The house build has started, the new full time home of Poweredbyrabbitfood has started. Foundations are going in right as we speak and the rest of the build will carry on from there. It’ll be slow progress so we’re anticipating getting in next year! Exciting times!!

Today in fact was team PBRF’s first actual sport event of the year. Compared with last year we’ve been slack (we’d already done a number of runs and a lot of long rides). But it was there. Really enjoyable 6km around Poniatowa. All in the aid of charity.

Bieg dla Nicoli

Tough Decisions
With a combination of injury, illness, the disruption of moving, starting a new job and various other excuses we’ve taken the decision to postpone the half ironman to next year. It’s really unfortunate but my fitness is just simply way too far away from being able to get there. We’ll figure out what we might do this year to make up for it (to be confirmed!).

We’ve been a lot slack on updating some of the delicious recipes we’ve been having. With the local produce being so prominent and in season there’s been a lot of fresh veg based recipes.

Watch this space for more!


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