6 Things We Learned Travelling Across Europe

So, last week was the big move. The huge move. The move where we left the UK and headed off to Poland.

Now if you’ve read our last post, well, you know that things didn’t start all that smoothly. We had to rather hastily rearrange our Eurotunnel booking, our entire travel plans, everything. Even down to having the right amount of food.

Well, with that all rearranged we left.

It’s so very worth breaking the journey up. We have driven UK to Poland numerous times. Usually in one go, leaving everyone grouchy, tired and barely able to function. It means you can hold up in some nice places, eat some nice food and not rush anywhere. We also stopped over right near the Eurotunnel the night before at The Drum Inn (highly recommended and the view wasn’t bad either!).

A particularly nice place “The Drum Inn” near Folkestone

Sometimes the least attractive are the most attractive… So as we were trooping across the Netherlands, Germany border we decided that we weren’t going to make it far enough along the road to where we planned to camp. Hastily we had to search out somewhere to stay. Even more hastily, the heavens opened during what looked to be a Europe wide storm.

We managed to find a place to stay in between the motorway and a power station.

No one else around and someone had to come down to let us in. The power station had it’s own beauty, the river too, the rabbits running around and the ducks. Then there was the German engineered shower block. We’ve not seen a shower like that ever, simple, small but with enough heat and power to take the skin off your back. In a good way!

Take mosquito repellent. Sunshine, rain, standing water and lakes. Taking a repellent was one of the best things we did. Keeps them away from dog, rabbit and human alike. Throw some Citronella into the mix and you’ve got your camping in a buzz free environment.

Don’t be afraid to change those plans of yours. We had a bit of a scare with Alfie Rabbit, who decided to stop eating and stop drinking along the journey. This meant we needed to get him eating via syringe, drinking the same and we needed to move him from a travel container to his normal cage. It did mean stopping more frequently to make him comfortable but it worked. He’s here and he’s eating, drinking and pooing normally.


Relax! The camper van broke down before we left. This meant that heading into the journey we were a little more tense than normal. Once we got going, the sun came out, the windows down we were able to relax a little more. You know what, we made it. We made it across Europe and all in one piece. Don’t fret. Just go!

We didn’t listen to music, radio or anything the entire journey. If you’d asked either of us before whether that’d have happened, we both would’ve said no way (José). Bizzarely (to me) it actually made the trip go faster, the boring drivey bits became less boring and we somehow ended up feeling more refreshed.

Our theory was that as you’re not constantly getting distracted, bombarded and senses overloaded you’re able to reduce the amount of mental bandwidth you’re using. It worked. It’s great to listen to music but whilst driving, it seems better to not.

Let us know if you’ve any travel tips. We’re bound to head out on the road again soon… Possibly back across Poland to some form of Swim, Cycle, Run thing!

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