Some Musings

It’s been quite a few weeks, quite a few weeks with training firmly taking a back seat. Here’s an update on some of the things that we’ve been up to, whilst not writing posts, nor doing much in the way of exercise!

Two weeks ago I managed to get out on a lovely, beautiful 50 miler, my longest ride since last June and at (for me) a fairly decent pace. It was stunning, hot, still and quiet on the roads. Aside from having to stop for a few top ups on the drink it was a good one.


Then, the rest of life got in the way. My bike disappeared off to Poland, packed, wrapped and gone! That’s cycling out the window!

We’ve been to Poland for a Wedding, two days, mid week followed by all the social gatherings you can imagine. That’s a couple more weeks gone… Who knew it’s a big deal leaving the country and moving across Europe!

We also headed along to watch the final Northampton Saints game of the season. Going to miss heading to the rugby next season!


We also finished up work. Leaving our lovely work mates and the like. Sad times.

Then, just as we’re about to leave the country (and to be reunited with all our sporting gear) our lovely campervan Poppy the Pilot decided to not play ball. So we’re delayed a little more. Irritating.


I’ll be honest, there’s definitely been the opportunity to swim during all this. I haven’t. Using the lack of running shoes and of a bike as an excuse to “rest”. On the plus side, I’m definitely feeling fresh.

Oh and we saw Shakespeare’s house instead. Historical.



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