Swimming … At last!

We’ll I finally managed to eat the frog of swimming. And by eat the frog, I clearly mean get someone to help me rather than try.

So after plenty of searching for a swimming coach or swimming instructor in Brackley, nothing came up. I dropped a message out through Facebook and one of my friends from school offered help.

I’m really grateful for the help from Chris. He was able to quickly identify a couple of the key issues in my swim and took me through some drills to get me into it.

I’ve read about and YouTubed plenty of drills but never felt comfortable trying them. With Chris’ help that’s no longer an issue. I’m clear on the drills, clear on what I need to work on and felt better almost immediately.

My swim at the end of the session felt much stronger… And that’s just from half an hour. Looking forward to trying the drills, swim and seeing what the difference is. Then booking in for a further few sessions before Poland.

So heartily recommend getting in touch with Chris if you’re looking for a swimming coach in Brackley! Give me a shout if you’d like an intro.


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