Week 13 and the joys of injury

What a week we’ve had. Finally a hint of sunshine, of summer and finally being able to get out on the bike in shorts and a t-shirt. Life’s much, much more comfortable now!

It has however been a week of ups and downs. Whilst the cycling has been fantastic, with glorious sunshine, feeling good and a small amount of pace coming back (but still feeling like I’m so far away from where I want to be). There unfortunately has also been yet another injury setback.

This time entirely my own fault. I decided to play with my running stride, my foot positioning and things during a run with intervals in. The end result was a pop in my calf. I dropped the running from the rest of the week to try and help recovery and thought it was feeling fine on Sunday… and then pop. I’ll try and wait a little longer this time!

That’s led me to getting into the book by Dr Kelly Starrett: Becoming a Supple Leopard. It’s a really interesting read so far, very “textbook” and so useful already. Whilst I was before, I’m now really aware of my lack of mobility across all the different areas of my body. I’ll try and update on some of the progress on here.

I’m now on a journey to becoming supple, avoiding more injuries and maybe, just maybe start undoing all the damage I’ve done over the last 20 odd years!

Away from that we’re into full on countdown mode. It’s less than three weeks until the big move. Poland is coming ever closer. Super exciting, I imagine there’s going to be some difficulty getting all the exercise in over that moving period… fingers crossed!

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