Rest, cycle, run… Flu?

So after a couple of rest days, one intentional the other just due to terrible planning, we find ourselves at the weekend. 

Saturday saw a ride. The plan says 60 minutes Z2 (that’s a Fink Z2 not an everyone else Z2). I did complete that 60 minutes but Zwift decided that it would only let me have the 54:06. The buggers. 

I fully intended on getting outside but I definitely felt fair-weather so stuck to it on the turbo. Love Zwift for making indoor riding bearable. Nothing like staring at an avatar pretending to cycle. Mind you getting overtaken by everyone adds some realism to the mix.

Following the plan of staying within specific heart rate zones on the turbo is at least really easy.

Next up came a run. Again a Fink Zone 1 / 2. It’s super frustrating and super slow but I guess that’s the point. I’m really struggling to keep my heart rate down when I run. I feel comfortable running at a much higher heart rate than I need to.

Quite happy with the 4 miles but I wish it was much quicker. We’ll see how it improves over the coming weeks. 

Next week I’m planning to swim twice building distance and time, do all three runs and three cycles. If. If I can shake the impending man flu that seems to be on it’s way. Bloody typical that the first week of getting back into training I come down with something. 


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