Powered by… Flu

Well the week started terribly. Full blown cold (man flu). Meant no training on Tuesday as I had planned. 

The week clearly then started on Wednesday for a gym brick session. It always surprised me how much easier treadmill running is than actual running. Cruising speed about 3 minutes per mile faster than I am outdoor.

Thursday was an indoor 30 minute cycle with slight Strava issues. The ride felt good though. I may have skipped swimming though. I’ll make an excuse up about working late. But really just being lazy.

Running on Friday, the first one that recorded and can be shared. It was cold, damp and dark. It felt good though and was very easy when dog assisted. Cheers boy!

Saturday was another sold Fink’s Zone 2 session on the bike. Took on the climb up to see about keeping my heart rate under control even when the resistance is going up. Felt good but really slow. Really slow. Looking forward to taking it out on the road as indoor is always easier (if warmer).

Sunday’s long run, felt horrible at first but once settled in was really nice, keeping in zone again means I felt I could’ve gone further or faster. Can’t wait for the next run. Which is really weird.

Next week sees pretty much same again but with Tuesday and swimming thrown in. This time I need to actually go swimming!

Onwards and only another week to go until the training programme starts in earnest!

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