The first brick

So today was getting used to the brick.

Today also was a turbo trainer day. Now I’m a Zwift fan for my indoor sweatfeasts. There’s something about staring at an avatar cycling that makes it a little bit easier.

Today was also (all the also) my first time running within Fink’s heart rate zones.

Now he has 4 zones versus Garmin’s 5 so I’ve had to mess about with them. Zone 2 (today’s session) seems to be below threshold by other measures. So. The training.

Aside from Zwift breaking. Thus depriving me from a lovely pseudo image ride. It was a straight forward z2 ride for 30 minutes. Nothing dramatic. Nothing special. Just sweaty. Miles don’t really mean anything on the turbo.

A quick change (ish) and it was out for a quick 10 minute zone 2 run. Now then. Keeping within zone 2 is way more difficult than I thought. So I spent half the time walking to stay in zone 2.

Oh and both my calf muscles cramped. Bang on the half way mark. I hope the person who’s house I was staring at whilst stretching wasn’t watching out the window…

Tomorrow’s another swim. I mean splash.

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