Burger watch

I’m a burger junky. I always have been and likely I always will. 

It’s possibly one of my favourite ways to eat. It’s also one of the things I’ve been least satisfied with vegan alternatives.

I’ve found for the most part they’re bean / veggie burgers or a soya alternative. For the most part the texture and bite to it is what I miss.

The bean burgers and veggie burgers fall apart in a flash. Leaving you with hot beans melting your hands and a soggy bun. Not fun.

The soya alternatives I’ve had so far similarly seem to fall down in ability to stay together without tasting like card. 

Enter Linda McCartney and her veggie quarter pounders.

They are simply the best I’ve tried so far. Now I’m not a food critic and won’t pretend to be but these tick the key boxes. Bite and stability, you can bite through and they stay firm until the last. Flavour, they have some. A rich malty flavour in there that gets a real nice level of savoury in there.

Perfect base to build a burger. I went the simple route of ketchup, mustard and gherkins. I’d eat a bunch more.

Definitely the best I’ve had so far.

Bought from Tesco but I’ve seen in the other supermarkets too.

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