Week 12. Training is fun?!

Hey up!

Another week down:

Week 12

You’ll easily be able to spot a couple of glaring issues… The red / amber of the swim. Swimming. Swim, swim, swim. Yeah, still not a strong point. Lessons are definitely in order once I’ve moved over to Poland (Only a few weeks to go!). I’m looking forward to the outdoor pool and sunshine!

Away from that, everything else was good. IT Band is feeling pretty good, get’s a bit an ache after a long run / ride or sitting down but it’s not too bad. I’ll have to do a post with the few things that seemed to have actually worked. You might also be able to tell from the calendar that stretching and core work plays a key role. The basics are pretty simple though and there’s one stretch and one strengthening exercise that seems to have had the maximum impact for me.

Long run this week ticked over 10k which I loved. It’s so nice to get back over that distance following the knee injury. Nearly got to 50k on the bike too so we’re making the right strides. I would love the pace to come up with the distance, but it’s all so slow…

We also rustled up some awesome nosh this week. My favourite being this Roast Parsnip, Lentil & Watercress Salad which also had some great “likes” over on Instagram including an Olympian… That’s pretty sweet.

Looking a bit further out, we’re now signed up to a couple more events to break up the training. We’re on for a 10k race in mid-May in Kazimierz Dolny, where I’m wanting to PB (which shouldn’t be too hard from the slow base that I’m on!).

I’ve got an Olympic Triathlon in early June followed by a Half Marathon a few weeks later. Then it’ll be settling down for the final build into August…! EEK.

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