Week 4. The one where I found I don’t like Fridays

So Fridays. Friday’s run is horrible. It’s the end of the week. And I struggle. I really do.

Today I ended up really angry with myself. For not keeping my heart rate down. For my knee hurting. It’s not ideal. I need to find a way of coping with the next 25 Fridays…

Other than that episode, I missed a single swim. A much better week than last week!

Saturday was my first actual outdoor ride since I started training. I forgot how much harder it is than Zwift…

It was a slow start but faster than I started last year. So promising.

I also did a long run. Not at the same level as last week and the knee (and hip) still isn’t playing. But it was fun.

So week 5 of Half Iron Man Triathlon training starts today. With the usual Monday rest day.

There’s a few tough things to watch out for with some longer runs in the week. Working in swimming with them might get tricky. I also know it has to be done in the morning or it might not happen.

Let’s go!

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