Tofu and Spinach Coconut Curry

I absolutely love this curry made by wife, it’s super easy to make. Quick and simple. That’s a win for sure. You can pair it with some brown rice or, as we did, with some vegan naan breads (Thanks to ASDA). This makes enough for 4. Ingredients Block of firm tofu Can of coconut milk […]


Burger Watch 2

Forgive the rubbish picture… snapped in hurry. So, second time succumbing to the delights of a burger. This time by Fry’s. Now. In summary. If you like those really cheap burgers with sawdust for filler, you will like these. Very little flavour, not a huge amount of bite and a little too spongy in the […]


Burger watch

I’m a burger junky. I always have been and likely I always will.  It’s possibly one of my favourite ways to eat. It’s also one of the things I’ve been least satisfied with vegan alternatives. I’ve found for the most part they’re bean / veggie burgers or a soya alternative. For the most part the […]