It’s just rabbit food isn’t it?

Hi, I’m Liam. I was addicted to meat. Put a platter of meat in front of me and I’d happily eat the whole thing. No worries. Seconds? Of course.

I’d even gone so far in proclaiming one of my proudest moments to be converting my then girlfriend, now wife, to become a carnivore after years as a vegetarian. Ouch.

I’m also a sports lover. I’ve played football for a long time and have recently hung my boots up and instead spend more time on my bike. Occasionally I’ll go for a short run but I’m not a runner.

Back in September 2017 I think I over did it. I ate so much over a week I needed a detox. I thought let’s go a few weeks without meat and see how that goes.

I pretty much stayed eating a vegetarian diet for the rest of the year. Ever more leaning towards a more whole plant food based diet. That’s right towards the V word. As a card carrying carnivore I couldn’t be associated with “them”. I couldn’t possibly be … vegan. It’s all hippy nonesense isn’t it. And my word aren’t they preachy? Preachy sucks.

At the same time I found the Rich Roll podcast. I think it’s fair to say that’s had a significant impact on my view on Vegans. I mean here’s a none hippy guy who’s smashing ultra endurance events, all powered by veggies.

One of the things he and a lot of his guests say is that they feel huge differences once they went plant powered. This was one of the things I thought was just sales spiel. To be honest I didn’t feel any different at all. No amazing increase in energy, no life changing Eureka moments. Sure I felt good and lost a bit of weight but nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the sports related niggles went away. Just probably coincidence.

So Christmas 2017 comes around and we head over to Poland for our traditional family celebration. We said we’d not be prescious about what we ate and didn’t want to impose on parents in law. This inevitably led to the aforementioned platter of meats. Which I ate with gusto. (3kgs up in 10 days).

I think it’s fair to say that I can now feel the difference between plant based rabbit food and a meat filled diet. Apart from the obvious weight gain. A few of the niggles that were on the way out have come back and started to catch again.

So during one of our evening meals.. After one or two vodkas and too much meat.. We started talking about what challenges we’d like to do in 2018. I said, flippantly, I’d like to do an Ironman triathlon… Despite not being able to swim at all or run very far. The family thought it’d be a great idea but said perhaps start smaller with a sprint or maybe an Olympic triathlon this year then maybe move up from there.

As a compromise it was decided I’d be doing a half ironman (1.9km swim, 90km ride followed by a half marathon 21.1km). So I was signed up for the Ocean Lava Half Iron triathlon in Bydgoszcz. Just the same place and time as the Polish National Championship on the full course. Not intimidating at all..

That brings me to this blog. I’ve decided to chart my progress in writing. Mainly to look back on and keep track. It’s going to be part fitness blog, part food diary and part babble.

It all starts today.

Happy New Year!

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