A flying start (for me)


With the event selected at Bydgoszcz set out for the 19th August 2018. It’s now time to build out the training plan and start doing stuff.

After a couple of different recommendations I went for Don Fink’s “Be Ironfit” (Be Iron fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness). I’ve decided to put the training in for the equivalent of a full Ironman as it should allow for some flexibility in the schedule and allow me to be ahead of the curve for when / if I go for a full Ironman.

One of the really appealing things about the Ironfit plan for me was how it’s structured around the work week and makes it manageable. No 3 hour workouts on a work day. I’ll look to post up the schedule for each week on a Monday when I get started and share on from there.

The training plan is 30 weeks long with the last week being the week of the event. This brings my first training week starting 22nd January. This means I’ve got a few weeks to get back into the swing of doing some decent exercise and settling back into a structured training plan.

I’m aiming to get in the pool this week hopefully a couple of times alongside a bit of cycling and some running.. unsurprisingly whilst training for a triathlon.

Anyway. Today. Today was a slightly hungover New Years Day Park run. Quite nicely I set my ponderous personal best for 5k. Well chuffed with my 28:44, my previous best was 31:17 so that’s a decent chunk off. Not a bad way to start 2018.

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