Week 11. Actual completion.

Super stoked about this. After several weeks out unable to run, bike or sometimes swim I’ve actually managed to complete a full week training. Boom.

Yeah the paces were slow, the distances low. But it feels like the battle is slowly turning. As with training, solid consistent training for my IT band (stretching and strengthening) seems to be winning. Slowly. No magical fix.

Anyway. The training.

The big highlights included my first swim to 1,000m. A first interval session on the run and some cold and wet cycling…

It was a bit of a strange one, couldn’t seem to get my heart rate up. I think something to do with the Garmin just not picking up the HR right. Either that or I’m fitter than I thought… I suspect the former.

We also had a lovely run. Wish I’d taken my phone to grab a few snaps from the run. Hey ho. Felt really good and like I could’ve gone further and further. Quite proud that I didn’t. I wanted to push to 10k but that is what I did last time when my knee went asquiff.

This next week is looking fun and I’m back on it. Looking forward to it.

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